We provide commercial air conditioning installations to
a variety of different sectors in the market.


Airtech is a specialist mechanical building services company operating in both the Perth metropolitan area and regional Western Australia and which provides commercial air conditioning installations to a variety of different sectors in the market.

Using it’s specialist expertise, Airtech has successfully completed many varied projects over the past 35 plus years.

Our long operating history enables us to understand and put forward for use the most suitable equipment and specialist sub-contractors as and when required to suit the uniqueness of the projects. This includes considering the climatic locations of regional sites, which is important for maximising the ongoing smooth operation and life of the installation whilst reducing maintenance and service costs for many years after project completion.

As well as commercial air conditioning and design and construct projects, Airtech also has extensive experience in providing the following services:-

  • Compressed Air Systems
  • Industrial Gases
  • Coolrooms/Freezers
  • Kitchen Canopies and Exhaust Systems
  • Dust Collection and Fume Extraction
  • Operating Theatres, Sterile and Clean Rooms
  • Fume Cupboard and Chemical Exhaust
  • Stairwell Pressurisation
  • Smoke Exhaust
  • Chiller and Central Plant including Replacement/Refurbishment
  • Commissioning and Fault Finding
  • BMS Controls
  • Medical Gas
  • High Density and Industrial Cooling such as Switchrooms
  • Geothermal and Seawater Heat Rejection Systems
  • Car Park Exhaust
  • Data and Computer Room Cooling.


Over the years, Airtech has delivered many design and construction projects which provide an economical solution to achieve clients’ needs. As a result of close liaison with the design team members from project conception to completion, Airtech has continually ensured correct client outcome and client satisfaction.

Airtech has a proven record of successful design and construction projects and a selection of recent projects can be viewed on here.

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